Best Mental Health Books That You Should Read

Statistics confirm that one out of five teenagers under 18 years old suffers from various mental illnesses. In terms of the mental disorders diagnosed among the youth, depression leads the category. With the increasing number of individuals affected, it is essential to keep the conversation going and break the stigma on mental health. Here are the best mental health books that you should read to help enlighten you on this complicated issue.

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The Marriage Plot: A Novel

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides is one of the winners of the Pulitzer Prize. The story revolves around an English major at Brown named Madeline, who was trying to go back to the right path of life through her love for Victorian literature. On the side, the book also tackled the complicated relationship she had with Leonard.

Most readers say that Leonard is a possible fictional stand-in for a friend of the author named David Foster Wallace. According to them, he had been suffering from depression for more than half of his life and ultimately took his own life.

“While suicide is a very serious health and national problem that requires our attention, an even less public reality is that many of us have had suicidal thoughts at one point or another in our lives.” –Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC


Reasons To Stay Alive

This book by Matt Haig is one of the best books tackling the lives of those with depression and anxiety. Not only does it focus on the big things that happen beyond this mental disorder, but it also focuses on the little things that happen in their lives.

“Look at negative thoughts like reruns of a TV show you’ve seen a million times. Let them play in the background while you shift your focus to something else.” –Jo Eckler, PsyD

What’s also good about this book is that it is made up of lists, anecdotes, and bite-sized chapters that are easy to read. The size of the book also lets you place it anywhere, even in your back pockets.

Anxiety For Beginners

Eleanor Morgan’s Anxiety for Beginners explores the impact of anxiety on those affected by it directly or by proxy. The author also puts lightness to the read in between grueling narratives like the chapters “A Total Fucker” and “Two Lites of Pus.”

It is also an excellent read for people who want to raise their awareness regarding the matter. The book is the best way for them to work their way on the different spectrums of the human mind.

Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me

The author, Ellen Forney, focused on her own life story dealing with bipolar disorder. She narrates how she was diagnosed with it and how she overcame its consequences through reading and writing. She also tackled the dangers of equating mental illness with creativity and intelligence, an issue that is rampant but is not touched on.


There Is No Right Way To Meditate

In this book, award-winning writer Yumi Sakugawa tries to guide you into tapping your inner self to help find the peace and fulfillment that you have been seeking. What’s nice about There Is No Right Way To Meditate is that it starts with simple tips on everyday matters to more complex topics like living in the present through self-awareness.

“Meditation is not just relaxing, but to be keenly aware of the present moment while not interfering with mental activities that revolve around our little self.” –Andrea F. Polard, PsyD

This piece will dig deeper into your inner soul and unconsciously make you traverse the road of tranquility.

These five books will help you, whether you are having a difficult time or you want to be aware of mental health issues. You may also ask for the assistance of some therapists in cases that are too complicated to handle through reading books alone.