Child Psychiatrist: How To Find One




Nowadays, one can easily notice an increase in the demands for the services of a psychiatrist. Many individuals, especially parents, are starting to employ the services of this health professional. For these people, the assistance and help of the said medical doctor have played an integral part in their battles against mental illness. With the right treatment plan from a psychiatrist, the patient can improve his mental health and even recover from any related illness.

“A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental health issues and has specific training in medication for depression.” – Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC

There are several areas of specialization for every psychiatrist in the United States. As much as possible, it is highly recommended to look for a health professional that is labeled as an expert in a particular field. For example, if the patient involved is still in his tender years, then a child psychiatrist must handle his case. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you must keep in mind to find the perfect child psychiatrist for your son or daughter:




  1. Read The Papers

The achievements of the top psychiatrists in the country are usually published in several journals, magazines or books. Be sure to read these materials so that you could find the best psychiatrist in town. However, take note that the more famous a child psychiatrist is, the more expensive his fees become. Do not worry because the cost of seeking professional help for your child will be worth it in the end. According to Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW “Experience and credentials are important, but it’s usually the personality of a therapist and the therapeutic rapport that develops between teen and therapist that is the most important factor of all.”


  1. Ask For Recommendations

One of the challenges of a patient-doctor relationship is the development of trust and confidence. Some individuals find it difficult to believe the diagnosis and treatment plans of a particular doctor. If you are one of them, then do not worry because what you are feeling is only typical. Sometimes, it is difficult to entrust the case of your kid’s mental health to a doctor. To lessen this problem, try to ask around for referrals from friends, family members or workmates. This way, you would be able to decrease the fears that you have in mind.


  1. Check The Website First

When it comes to searching for a child doctor, another smart idea is to look at the available website of the psychiatrist first. As much as possible, do not rush into completing the searching process. Try to research the qualifications, years of practice, training attended and other essential information about the doctor. With the recent developments in the field of technology, it is now easy to do this. All that needs to be done is to go online and look for the website of the psychiatrist or the clinic or hospital where he works.




Once you have chosen a child psychiatrist for the child, the next step to take is to set an appointment. The first meeting is the consultation process wherein the doctor will examine your kid’s condition. Be prepared to answer some questions. Make it a top priority to provide truthful answers so that there will be no errors in the diagnosis of your child’s mental condition. After that, the doctor will study the available data before giving out his findings and the proposed treatment plan. Remember, “Early intervention and treatment can make a difference in your child’s lives and future.” Andrea Vargas LMHC said.


Humanistic Therapy Can Be Your Road To A Happy Fulfilled Life



Earlier forms of therapy are behavioral and psychodynamic therapy which focused on the subconscious mental life of a client.  Around 1950, another type of therapy was introduced, the humanistic therapy, which focuses on what is on the surface.

“Psychodynamic therapy is often used in the treatment of mental health conditions, including, depression, eating disorders and anxiety disorders” –Hannah Goodman, LMHC

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REBT Can Save Your Marriage



Is this type of conversation familiar and regular between you and your husband?

Woman: What is this? (Her face looks annoyed and disgusted, rolled into one. In her mind, he is so lazy and doesn’t care to help around the house.)

Man: You said I needed to do the dishes and so, I did. (He was raising his eyebrows, and his voice is slightly elevated too. The husband thinks that his wife is so demanding. He also feels that she is always finding fault in him.)

Woman: Yes, I did. And that meant, you also clean the surrounding area, you know. Since you eat here, you cook here too, and well, you live here too, right? It doesn’t mean that because I’m the woman, you expect me to cook and clean for you. I work 10 hours a day like you do! (Now, she’s beginning to get angry.)

Man: Hey, you said, “do the dishes” and that’s what I did. You didn’t say clean the whole kitchen. I always do what you say because “you’re” the boss. Whatever you command MUST happen at once. (He is sarcastic.)

Woman: Are you insulting me?

Man: Oh no, I’m not. I can’t do that to you, you know.

And so, the fight ensues. Is this happening to you? Well, if it does, then, your marriage is about to crumble and near its downward spiral.

“Couples often feel that they know and understand their partner, and are compatible on most issues. However, this is a mistake.” –Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC

Are you ready to get a divorce? Do you want to separate from your husband or wife? The real question here is – why do you find ways to hurt your spouse? Are you not head over heels in love with him or her just a few years ago?

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Surviving A Heartbreak From A Failed Relationship

A successful marriage does not happen overnight. You cannot expect a person to fall in love with you right away. There has to be a process of getting to know each other and discovering each other’s strengths or weaknesses. This is the primary reason why relationship experts require two persons to go on several dates first before deciding to get married. Failure to follow this could lead to marital problems and eventually in divorce.


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Can You Become A Better Person?

One of the common struggles of many people is to changing into becoming a better person. The truth is that it can be difficult to get on with life especially if you feel that it is challenging to transform yourself into your best version. According to a therapist, several people try to do it but they end up failing because they are not sure how to make to happen in the right way. There are those who are too excited to improve their lives without knowing where to start. If you are one of these confused individuals who aim to become a better person, be sure to read the rest of the article. We are going to discuss the different ways that you can do to make things right.


You need to be mindful of these things:

Be Passionate To Change

The initial step that you must complete is to convince yourself why you need to change into a different person. You need to be passionate about improving yourself so that everything will be easier on your part. Take note that the more you show your willingness to change, the more inspired you become. Karla Helbert, LPC, E-RYT, C-IAYT used to say, “Awareness is the beginning of all change.” If it continues to happen for a long time, there is a good chance that you can meet your goal at the soonest time possible. Fuel your desire to become a better individual.

Say Goodbye To Excuses

There may be several times in your life when all you can think about is negativity or difficulty. You are too consumed in thinking of self-limiting doubts and questioning your ability to succeed. Because of this, you often tend to think negatively about yourself. All those negative thoughts and emotions can hinder you from transforming your life into something you deserve. As such, it is time to stop making excuses for your shortcomings. Believe that everything is within your reach and that nothing is impossible as long as you know how to keep trying. 


Manage Your Emotions Well

If you want to become a better individual, promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to manage your feelings and emotions. Make sure that you are mindful of everything that you do and say because it can affect how you will feel at a given time. Aside from this, you must get in touch with yourself so that you will understand the choices and preferences that you make every single day. Take note that having continuously mixed emotions can have adverse effects on your mental health. In the long run, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. Because of this, you must learn how to take control of your life and the things that you allow to affect your daily mood. “It’s important to underscore here the importance of monitoring your mental health and knowing how different medications and lifestyle changes can impact your mental health.” Julia Hogan, LCPC said.

Let Go Of Pain

“Mental health struggles are real. They can be painful. You may feel alone. In some of the darkest times, you may feel like something is “wrong” with you to the core. ” Erica Thompson, LMFT, LPCC said. If someone has caused you a tremendous amount of pain in the past, the best thing that you can do is to forgive that person.  There is no point in dwelling in the past because the truth is that you can no longer change it. What is vital or crucial at this point is that you make an effort to focus on your present so that you can have a fantastic future. Let go of the pain by forgiving someone for hurting you. Aside from this, you must also learn how to forget so that the sad memories can be replaced with happy ones. You can do this as long as you know how to see your real worth as a person.

Listen To Other People

Do not be too hard-headed when it comes to fixing your life. Whether you like it or not, the truth is that you need the support and assistance of the people surrounding you. All you must do is to know who among your friends and loved ones can be trusted in leading you to the right path. If one of them offers advice on what to do with your life, be sure to listen to him. Never shut him away because you think you know better. Keep in mind that you need him to help you get back on track and follow a life that is full of abundance and happiness.


Another thing that you must do when it comes to becoming a better person is to give yourself a chance to love others. The more you show love and affection to others, the better your life becomes. Take your time in transforming yourself because it does not happen overnight. It needs to be a continuous effort so that you can see the fruits of your labor. 

Tips In Seeking Professional Help From A Therapist

Mental health is one of the aspects of your life that you must neglect. As much as possible, make an effort to focus on your mental wellness because it can affect a lot of things in your day-to-day life. Remember that psychology tells us that focusing on the unfortunate events and negative moments can unveil a different version of you. When you continue to entertain stress and anxiety, then there is a high probability that you will end up feeling depressed. The moment this happens, the first thing that you must consider is to get in touch with a therapist.



There are many struggles or challenges that you may encounter the moment you decide to search for the right professional to handle your case. What are the qualifications that you must look into a mental health expert? What are the ways to get in touch with the best one? Is it possible to make the arrangements online? These are just some of the questions that will enter your mind. To make things a lot easier for you, we have decided to write an article that talks about the various tips to remember when it comes to seeking professional help from a therapist.


Here are the top things to know:


Be 100% Sure About The Decision


Before you start your search for a licensed therapist, make sure that you are already decided on it. The essential thing to do is to make up your mind so that your efforts will not go to waste. Keep in mind that the moment you try going to therapy, you can never go back. Be prepared with what others may say in case they find out about your current circumstances. Nonetheless, never let their comments about your choice to avail of therapy sessions affect your mental health journey. Take note that you are the only one who can make this decision final for yourself. “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.” says Marc Romano, PsyD


Use The Internet For Convenience


In the past, people need to look at printed directories before they can find certain names or contact numbers of persons. With the recent advancements of technology, everything has changed. Nowadays, it is already possible to get information from the Internet through the available search engines. With only one click of a button, you can already get the complete list of available therapists in your area. What you must do is look for the top five performing experts. After that, gather their qualifications and educational background as well as their experiences in the field of therapy. Use all these data help you come up with an informed decision.



Ask For Recommendations From Others


Another thing that you can consider is to get in touch with your friends or loved ones who have tried going to therapy sessions or those who are currently in contact with a licensed therapist. Feel free to make inquiries about the whereabouts of their recommended therapist. Remember that you must be careful or sensitive in all the questions that you will ask. Make sure to limit all inquiries only to topics relating to the professional work of the therapist. Never make the mistake of asking about personal matters as it can lead to an awkward situation.

 “Therapy helps people to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, become free of old patterns, or simply find ways to process pain or memories that have kept them feeling stuck.” –Dr. Mitch Keil

Avail Of First Meeting Offers


Are you aware that many therapists are available for initial meetings with potential clients? It means that a lot of them can be approached first before you sign them up as your official therapist. All that needs to be completed is to set an appointment with their secretaries. The reason why this has become practice is because of the reality that many patients cannot easily come up their mind about their choice. The truth is that persons have high standards when it comes to therapy sessions. If you do not want to make an error in judgment, it is best if you will meet up with the therapist first before committing to a long professional engagement.





“Take a mental health day, take time off from work and refuel & recharge, whatever that looks like for you personally.” Audra J Lee LMFT advises. Always put in mind that you need to make an effort in taking good care of your mental wellness. Never neglect your mental health as it can have a lot of adverse effects, not only in your life but also in the lives of the people surrounding you. The moment you feel that something is wrong with your mental condition or psychological behavior, be smart enough to get in touch with an expert. Remember the items mentioned above so that you can get the right help that you genuinely deserve.


REBT For Improvement Of Mental Health


People are naturally irrational and reactive. Sometimes, we don’t know why we do things in certain situations. Most of the time, we blame our behavior to the unfortunate circumstance we happen to be into. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy or REBT believes otherwise. Whatever is happening does not emotionally disturb us. Instead, it’s how we perceive the problem based on our philosophies, beliefs, and feelings that lead us to act irrationally. Everything we do is a reflection of how we view things, and most of the time; it’s on the negative side which affects our mental health.

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Schools And Books: Tips For New Teachers

Working as a teacher is one of the best opportunities that you need to value. As much as possible, make sure that you make an effort to be excellent at what you do so that you can build a good career out of it and eventually help your family. At this point, it is essential to emphasize the reality that teaching is a rewarding profession. As long as you give your dedication and commitment to the job, you will surely reap its benefits.




Below are some of the tips that very new teachers must be familiar with. If you are starting in this industry, make sure to familiarize these things:


Be Prepared


Never make the mistake of attending a class without studying your subject. Take note that you have to teach the students enrolled for a particular subject. Unfortunately, you cannot do this efficiently if you are not prepared with a lesson plan. Keep in mind that the more you know about the topics, the easier it would be on your part to share your knowledge. Fortunately, it has become more convenient to research specific topics these days. With the use of the Internet, you can already read books online. At the same time, it is also highly possible to purchase top books through online stores.


Use Positive Reinforcement


Make an effort to let good students know that they are doing great in their studies. Let these children know that you are proud of their accomplishments. In so doing, they will strive harder to study for your class. Conversely, avoid saying negative remarks to students who are still struggling to understand the subject. Be a ray of hope to these kids and let them know that they can get better. Remember that corporal punishment is strictly prohibited in schools. Never make your students feel that they are worthless because of your words and actions.




Trust Yourself


Do not doubt your capacity to impart knowledge to your students. Instead, be confident that you are ready to take on the job. As already mentioned above, being a teacher is such a fantastic opportunity that is available only to those who deserve it. Believe in yourself so that you will not have a hard time doing your job. Increasing your self-confidence can do a lot of wonders in your profession. Before you go to school, make it a habit of facing the mirror and saying “I can do this!” to yourself. Try to practice saying affirmations until you make it a way of life. Remember that you can never become an effective teacher if you question your ability to teach and inspire the pupils.


Connect With Students


Remember that teachers are considered as second parents of the children. For this reason, it is crucial and essential for you to build a good relationship with your students. Let them feel that they can open up to you at any time. Take note that your role as a teacher does not only end in the classroom but even outside. Your students will become more interested in going to school if they find you friendly and accommodating. Hence, it is essential to make yourself available whenever they want to get in touch with you. Avoid giving them a hard time reaching out to you.


Talk To Parents


As already mentioned above, academic professionals are considered as second parents for the young individuals under your class. It means that your connection with the students is special. It is more than being an educator. The parents of these kids entrust the safety and welfare of the latter to your hands. Because of this, you need to continue to show the parents that you deserve the said trust. If you believe that there is a serious issue that needs immediate attention, do not hesitate to get in touch with the parents with them. Look for a method to call or connect with them.




Ask For Advice


At this point, it is vital to recognize the reality that becoming a new teacher is a tough job. There will be days when you will find a lot of issues or problems. During these moments, the right thing to do is to keep going. Do not allow anyone or anything to prevent you from starting a successful career path in the teaching industry. Always remind yourself that several individuals around you will be more than willing to assist and help you in any way possible. Make sure that you surely take advantage of this by seeking advice from them.


Whenever you feel like that the profession has become a struggle on your part, do not be afraid to take a rest. However, since you are still new to the teaching job, be sure to ask for permission from the head of the school or academic institution. You can never be absent without filing a leave.