The Best Way To Handle Anger


The 2017 emotion conference emphasizes on how people should handle their anger. Though it is not that simple, there are still ways to do that. According to the speakers of the conference, managing anger is just a matter of emotional and mental health development. So how can individuals observe that?

Take Time To Think Before You Speak – One thing that people should focus on first is their thoughts. Uncontrolled anger can do a lot of damage, primarily when expressed in an outburst. So before the situation escalates into a conflict, one must take his time to collect all his thoughts before saying something.

Be Calm Before Expressing Anything – Well, frustration is an emotion that validates anger. Sometimes, expressing it can help in emotional growth. But experts suggest that when delivered incorrectly, it can move into a confrontational scenario. So to avoid that, one must stay calm. That way, he can express his concerns without the impression of hurting or trying to control others.

Pause For A While – There is no immediate resolution in controlling anger than a quick pause. Yes, not thinking or saying anything is the best way to kill the momentum of anger. It is not like a person who ignores the situation, though. It is more about taking a step back to realize the situation so one can handle it without getting angry or irritated.

Release Tension With Humor – Well, this one is not easy. When an individual is angry, he might not be able to think about good and funny stuff. However, when there is a chance to hop it in, it can defuse the tension.


Seek Professional Help – Sometimes, anger issues are more complicated than you think. If you are having trouble controlling it, and you find yourself unable to shut it off, you might want to consider asking for professional advice.