REBT Can Save Your Marriage



Is this type of conversation familiar and regular between you and your husband?

Woman: What is this? (Her face looks annoyed and disgusted, rolled into one. In her mind, he is so lazy and doesn’t care to help around the house.)

Man: You said I needed to do the dishes and so, I did. (He was raising his eyebrows, and his voice is slightly elevated too. The husband thinks that his wife is so demanding. He also feels that she is always finding fault in him.)

Woman: Yes, I did. And that meant, you also clean the surrounding area, you know. Since you eat here, you cook here too, and well, you live here too, right? It doesn’t mean that because I’m the woman, you expect me to cook and clean for you. I work 10 hours a day like you do! (Now, she’s beginning to get angry.)

Man: Hey, you said, “do the dishes” and that’s what I did. You didn’t say clean the whole kitchen. I always do what you say because “you’re” the boss. Whatever you command MUST happen at once. (He is sarcastic.)

Woman: Are you insulting me?

Man: Oh no, I’m not. I can’t do that to you, you know.

And so, the fight ensues. Is this happening to you? Well, if it does, then, your marriage is about to crumble and near its downward spiral.

“Couples often feel that they know and understand their partner, and are compatible on most issues. However, this is a mistake.” –Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC

Are you ready to get a divorce? Do you want to separate from your husband or wife? The real question here is – why do you find ways to hurt your spouse? Are you not head over heels in love with him or her just a few years ago?

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Self-Harming: How REBT Can Provide Relief



You’ll never predict people who self-harm. Some may seem ordinary, jolly on the outside, and happy with their lives. There are no traces in their “personality” that they harbor such ill feelings for themselves and self-harm, while others are more prominent in showing their symptoms. Honestly, it is just so sad.

The questions here are: Can self-harming lead to suicidal thoughts, and is it because of the situation or the person’s mental health state?

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REBT On Recovering Drug Addicts


With studies and scientific approaches on drug addiction treatment evolving, there are various ways to combat the dependency which promises success. REBT or Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is one of those approaches. Combined with sheer will and determination, an ex-drug addict can achieve permanent sobriety through REBT and live a healthy drug-free life.

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Surviving A Heartbreak From A Failed Relationship

A successful marriage does not happen overnight. You cannot expect a person to fall in love with you right away. There has to be a process of getting to know each other and discovering each other’s strengths or weaknesses. This is the primary reason why relationship experts require two persons to go on several dates first before deciding to get married. Failure to follow this could lead to marital problems and eventually in divorce.


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