Ways To Deal With Anxiety Due To Job Uncertainty

The entire world is battling with the COVID-19 pandemic. While we stay at home and avoid the virus, we have our battle with our thoughts. It is normal to spend long hours of your quarantine thinking about how the pandemic made our lives even more uncertain. Unfortunately, it is the things that we do not know that scare us the most.

The implementation of social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns have introduced a new normal in society. With the forced closure of different industries, economists and financial experts warn of its devastating effects on the economy. Thus, unemployment rates have started to increase, resulting in job uncertainty.

Do we still have a job to return to? Am I the one to be laid off next? When can I reopen my business? These questions will continue to bother our minds. Unfortunately, we do not know when the pandemic will end. Until then, we have to strive and live in the new normal.

The last thing we need during this time is more reasons to be anxious. Anxiety will not only affect your state of mind and attitude but may also result in the weakening of the immune system. To avoid this, psychologists suggest several methods on how to prevent anxiety caused by job uncertainty.

“By adding even a small element of certainty in the face of overwhelming uncertainty, you can re-establish a connection with the present moment, ground yourself, and maintain a good sense of self-control and confidence,” says Natalie C. Dattilo, Ph.D.

To help you with dealing with anxiety due to job uncertainty, here are some suggestions on how you can adequately address these negative thoughts:

Be Informed

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Uncertainty is brought about by things we do not know. Thus, we can avoid this by gathering information from reputable news outlets. Asking your employer questions about your company status and your job may also help in dealing with your situation. Who knows, you might not need to be worried about your job at all.

Moreover, being equipped with the right information will also result in better preparation. Knowing what is ahead of you will help you address situations in the best possible way you can. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Accept Uncertainty And Shift Your Attention

Uncertainties have always been present. Accepting ambiguity is not turning a blind eye to reality; it is acknowledging its existence and getting ahead by planning. While you have to work from home, make sure to finish your tasks in the best quality. Productivity will also show that you are a competent and an asset to the company, and it will reaffirm your value to your company.

The pandemic also gives us more time to do the things we have always wanted. Instead of overthinking about the uncertainties, use your energy in re-exploring your hobbies. Shifting your attention to other activities will not only remove your thoughts away from the pandemic but also from work burn-out.

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Take Control

Make Plan B, C, and D. If you foresee your company laying off people or you want to have extra income during this time, you may think of other sources of income. Because of the new normal, some opportunities are available to explore. Instead of spending your time dealing with ambiguity, be creative in thinking of ways to make money out of your old hobby or a prized recipe.

Remember, the world is not black and white. Even if there is a possibility of losing your job, many doors will open for you as long as you are ready to explore them. Taking control also applies to how you deal with your emotions and thoughts. Choose to see the situation or problem as an opportunity for you to grow and develop.

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Uncertainty will always be present in our lives. There is only so much we could control. The best way to deal with anxiety is by having the right and healthy mindset. Instead of worrying about what you do not know, pour your energy into things you can control. The world, even during these times, is full of opportunities for you.

Remember that you are not alone in this journey. You have your friends and family who are present to listen and support you. You may not have the cure to the virus, but you are definitely in control of your thoughts and actions.