2016 Miami Blogging Convention: How To Start In This Field

The year 2018 is close to being over, but our minds still go back to the 2016 Miami Blogging Convention when we think of the coolest conferences we have ever attended. After all, its venue was smack dab in the picturesque area of the city; that’s why it seems effortless to be creative in that place. The organizers also invited famous bloggers to talk about how they achieved success after some time.

Nonetheless, the best segment of the convention may be when the blogging personalities started giving tips on how regular folks can kickstart their career in this field.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Find Your Niche

Your first task as an aspiring blogger to figure out what topics you are either knowledgeable about or interested in. It is not advisable for someone who loves to travel, for instance, to create an online gaming blog if that is not your forte. Furthermore, your talent may not shine once you keep on featuring fashion when you are actually into sports.

2. Decide On The Domain Name

Next, you should give some serious thought on what words come after http:// or www. when a user searches for your site. The basic idea is that it should be the same as or similar to the website name. It has to be original, but try not to make it too unique so that people can remember it easily. As much as possible, limit it to two or three words as well.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Know Where To Put Your Blogs

Lastly, you need to think of the best place to place your blog articles. That is where talks about hosting sites come in usually. Say, do you not mind paying a company to host your website? Do you prefer a free platform like WordPress instead? Once you have a decision on that, then you’ll be able to launch the blog in no time.


Put your writing helmet on and start your career in this field as soon as you manage to do the things above. Happy blogging!